How A Financial Adviser Can Help with a Pension Transfer?

How A Financial Adviser Can Help with a Pension Transfer?

11:17 10 April in Blog

Emigrating to another country can be a daunting experience, especially when you have your pension to worry about. The good news is that it may be possible to transfer your pension to your preferred country with the help of a financial adviser. Just be sure to find a credible and trustworthy expat financial adviser in the UK, particularly someone with years of proven experience in helping Britons transfer their pension to Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. That way, you can completely depend on their expertise and services for a stress-free pension transfer process. Here are more ways that a financial adviser can help you transfer your pension to your new home country:

  • Make the transfer process hassle-free:

UK pension reforms were introduced in April 2015, and they included new rules, such as UK-based financial advisers to have the right pension permissions, so they can transact and advise on any UK pension scheme transfer that has safeguarded benefits or which is considered a defined benefit, where the value of the transfer is more than £30,000. This encompasses international transfers from and within the United Kingdom. Likewise, the reforms enabled cashing out of pension schemes rather than receiving an annuity.

  • Avoid financial pitfalls:

With an expat financial adviser in the UK, you can seamlessly move to another country without worrying about financial issues down the line. This professional has the expertise and knowledge, as well as relevant permissions to give sound advice on the best course of action that will help you make informed financial decisions.

  • Give you confidence:

Financial advisers have the knowledge and expertise in coming up with decisive and clear solutions on what you can do with your pension. This way, you can be confident in their assistance and impartial advice, which is backed by nationwide compliance and technical support.

  • Save on taxes:

An expat financial adviser in the UK can make the pension transfer process as tax efficient as possible. This way, you can maximise your pensions and savings, while minimising on the hassle.