Moving abroad – the most valuable coffee you will ever have!


Moving abroad – the most valuable coffee you will ever have!

12:42 15 January in Blog

Moving abroad can be stressful and people tend to get caught up in quite detailed lists.

Get a visa. Find a job. Give notice at my current work. Move out of my home. Move my stuff. Find a new place to live. Find schools for the kids. Book flights. Say goodbye to my family, friends and Go! Arrive. Next list…

In the rush, it is easy to miss out of maximising the value of your UK finances for the move – a job which tends to get left behind by people saying ‘we’ll sort it out after the moving chaos settles’. But how will they sort it out??
Local advisers are mostly not qualified and not experienced in the UK financial system – why would they be? They are trained on their own financial system.

You may find it very difficult to receive proper advice when you are no longer resident in the UK.

Further, many UK products which are extremely valuable to you as an emigrant (much more so than many products abroad) are simply missed in the rush, costing people thousands of pounds in opportunities they will never be able to realise after they have left.

So, a tip – simple. Slow down for a 5 minutes. Make yourself a coffee and whilst sipping, take time to consider the bigger picture. One call to a cross border financial specialist before you have left the UK can lead you to a solution that it many cases will cover the cost of the move itself.

It may be the most valuable coffee you ever have.