Points To Consider Before Choosing Your Pension Transfer Specialist

Points To Consider Before Choosing Your Pension Transfer Specialist

11:18 19 April in Blog

When moving abroad, you need to think about your pension and how you can take it with you. Britons have the option to turn to a UK pension transfer specialist for assistance and sound advice on what to do with their pension. An expert can help you make informed decisions about your pension for worry-free emigration. Just be sure to pick the right specialist. Here are some points to consider:

  • Know their expertise:

Make sure that you will be working with leading UK advisers to emigrants and expats globally and down under. These experts have years of proven experience in helping their clients find answers and solutions to their financial concerns when moving to another country. That way, you can be confident in their ability to reduce any hassle and optimise your position.

  • Verify their experience:

Leading financial advisers have consulted to government agencies and major insurance companies and banks. Be sure to read up on customer testimonials and reviews to verify their credibility and their ability to deliver.

  • Learn what they can do for you:

Find a UK pension transfer specialist that can help with just about anything, from your defined benefit or an occupational or personal pension, to an unfunded scheme, SSAS, or SIPP, whether it comes with a guaranteed annuity rate, enhancement, or safeguarded rights. They should be able to consider your whole financial situation and determine whether the transfer is the best solution for you.

  • Find out where they are based:

Consider a pension transfer expert that is based in the UK, but has affiliates throughout New Zealand, Australia, and other countries abroad.

  • Get assessed:

A credible UK pension transfer specialist offers a free assessment to help you understand how the process can help you.

  • Book a meeting:

For an in-depth discussion of your needs, arrange to meet with the UK pension transfer specialist. This can also be a good opportunity to know more about how they can assist you.