Find Your Lost UK Pension Fund

You may have worked for many years in the UK, but cannot seem to recall whether you have a pension scheme with a prior UK employer, or a private pension you can’t seem to (or don’t have the time to) locate.

Alternatively, you may know who you worked with but are not sure if you have details of all your UK pension benefits with the scheme, or if the scheme has your updated details.

In this helpful, no-obligation service, we will do the searching for you and report back with our findings.

Simply fill in the attached form with your details, return this back to us as indicated and we’ll get our research team underway.

Where we have a successful result, we will come back to you with our findings.

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  • To qualify for this service you need to have more than 2 years service with a prior UK employer or more than £30,000 in the main UK pension fund you would like us to find on your behalf.
  • For any subsequent schemes searched, where we are successful in finding scheme information for you, a fee of £30 per scheme will apply. Where unsuccessful there will be no charge.